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Working through June 2017, this committee has contributed posts to this new website on cross-level educational issues and on partnerships in Oregon and in Connecticut led by Working Group members.  The group has also organized sessions on K-16 alliances in language and literature teaching for the MLA and NCTE Conventions of 2014, 2015, and 2016.  At the 2016 MLA Convention in Austin, Texas, for instance, there was a workshop led by Working Group member Doris Sommer on her international “Pre-texts” pedagogical initiative for teaching literature through art and play, and at the upcoming convention in Philadelphia there will be two workshops devoted to Pre-texts (The Arts Teach  and The Arts Teach in Languages Other Than English). In 2014, when the group was transitioning from being a subcommittee of the Executive Council to being an independent, though temporary, committee, some members were particularly concerned with the Common Core State Standards’ interpretation of “text complexity”; one MLA session, “Reading, Complexity, and the Common Core,” featured papers that were later published in PMLA. The Working Group was formed with the initial goal of helping teachers in both postsecondary education and the schools and sides to understand the Common Core State Standards, their implications, and the possibilities for positive interventions. Although circumstances have changed, committee members continue to be interested in rethinking the relation between the teaching of reading and writing in high school and first-year college English courses and in clarifying the criteria of “college level” reading and writing in conversation with secondary school teachers.



  • Profile photo of Joseph McRae Joseph McRae says:

    Just out of curiosity, are there any K-12 teachers among the members of the working group?

  • Thanks for your question! There is a former high school teacher among the members but no one who is currently employed as a K-12 teacher in a public or private school. Through this new experimental website, we hope to invite K-12 teachers– including the more than 100 who are currently MLA members–to contribute ideas for future K-16 Alliance projects that could have members from different levels of instruction in language and literature fields. We also invite ideas for cross-level sessions at future conventions of the MLA and associations such as ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) and NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English).

  • Michelle Young says:

    Greetings! I am about to start my 16th year of teaching 9-12 and have taught everything from reading remediation and team taught reading through gifted and Advanced Placement. I am in charge of PD in my building for reading as it is a district wide focus. I am interested in contributing as well as getting ideas for my PD sessions and classrooms.

    • Thank you so much for your message, Michelle (if I may!). We would love to have you contribute your ideas, and if you want to write a post about your school’s Professional Development activities, please send it directly to me at mwferguson@ucdavis.edu! Several of our Working Group members work directly with secondary school teachers on PD projects (e.g., Stacey Donohue, Annemarie Hamlin, Donna Pasternak, and Jason Courtmanche) and I will invite them to respond to your post. Thanks again, Margie (Ferguson)

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